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Mar 13, 2011 11:00pm EDT
of japan tonight. nuclear officials investigating a second hydrogen explosion in as many days. good evening. a massive smoke cloud was seen out of the plant's number 3 unit. officials have been closely watching the reactor after a similar explosion. the stock market took a nose dive on the first business day. and japan's central bank pumped 85.5 billion into money markets hoping to keep the economy afloat. the death toll continues to rise. 2,000 bodies were found monday near the town hardest hit by the massive tsunami. a warning of a possible second was canceled within the last half hour. >> days tafert quake now and japan as a nation still grappling with the sheer size and scope of the destruction. amateur video shows the massive wall of water as it erased virtually everything in its path. doors here show the unmistakeable stains of the water's reach. but the marks left behind on survivors are just as telling. >> i grabbed something tight holding my daughter's hand. but i lost my grip when i was swept away in the debris in waters. >> along the coast fires still rage out of control. in this
Mar 27, 2011 11:00pm EDT
>> live, local, late breaking -- this is news tonight. >> mounting problems in japan, another quake, another tsunami with far less consequences. more questions about the troubled nuclear plant. a magnitude 6.5 earthquake shook eastern japan triggering what tsunami of alert that was later lifted. there were no immediate reports of damages. tokyo electric power company significantly downplayed the possible damage from a sizable tsunami that hit two weeks ago. the investigation found geological data going back 3000 years that it should have been enough to prepare for such a catastrophic disaster. two weeks later, radiation continues to leak from the troubled plant. the latest from nbc. >> it was the second apology in as many days. how the most recent example of late or flat out erroneous information coming from the owners of japan's stricken nuclear power plant. tokyo electric power says that it needs to revise its announcement. they had announced that radiation levels in the pool was 10 million times the normal level. workers were evacuated in news reports will full of fears that the
Mar 20, 2011 11:00pm EDT
are still homeless following the 2010 earthquake. the families of u.s. military personenel leave japan as aid continues to go to the victims of the earthquake. >> good morning to you from myako. the death toll keeps rising, more than 8,000 according to the recent numbers with 12,000 missiong, in many areas, there is a shortage of food, medicine, and fuel. the u.s. tries to reassure the families of service personnel. >> i don't want my sweeties to go. but we want them to be in a safer place. >> this represents a challenge for the military. >> if somebody said we will throw an earthquake at you, a tsunami, a nuclear reactor. we would say it was not realistic. >> there are complaints that aid is not coming fast enough. for their part, u.s. officials say they will do everything they can for operation: friend. back to you. >> still to come, a scary story out of washington. a student brought cocaine to school. plus, one hospital is upgraded. how a new gadget helps care. >> a chilly day with a lot of sun, but we will have a little rain in the "instaweather forecast" ahead. 44 at the airport.
Mar 27, 2011 6:00pm EDT
japan. people are trying to rebuild their lives. they continue to mourn and search for the more than 16,000 still missing. cremation facilities have been unable to keep up with the number of the dead. the city has decided to bury the bodies. as of today, 10,489 people have been confirmed dead. the roosevelt park as part of an investigation after a man's body was discovered this morning. police were called to pull street just after 10:30. the cause of death has not been released. an investigation is ongoing. the investigation continues into the deadly accident involving an amtrak train. officials say 86-year-old kim was hit saturday morning on preston st.. he later died at the hospital. the train was heading to washington from boston. it was delayed for nearly two hours. no one else was injured. it is unclear why the elderly man was in the area. two people were injured late this morning when a vehicle struck a moped in north baltimore. it happened around 11:30. one person is in serious condition. the cause of the accident is under investigation. almost half of the maryland population is
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4